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Target Earth
Environmental Field Station
Jaguar Creek is a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations , OBFS, an association of more than 200 field stations and professionals concerned with field facilities for biological research and education, primarily in North America and Central America. OBFS promotes the exchange of information and ideas among field station directors on such topics as management of field stations and reserves, promotion of biological field education and research, environmental monitoring, and funding opportunities.

Program Objectives

To support and assist the Belize Audubon Society in managing the 574 acres of Blue Hole National Park and the adjacent 4100 acre Eden Conservancy and Jaguar Creek Reserve properties which were bought by Target Earth International, the parent organization of Jaguar Creek.

To support the establishment and success of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor in Belize.

To act as a model facility in order to encourage sustainable development in rainforest regions.

To encourage the religious communities of Belize and North America to take seriously a commitment to conservation.

Field Trip Sites

Being in the center of the country has its advantages. There are many options for great field trips from Jaguar Creek. Click here to see the field trips page.

Location Details

Coordinates Latitude 17 09' 38.6'' Longitude 88 40' 48.0 "

Climate The sub-tropical temperatures of Belize range from 50F to 95F with an annual mean of 79F. November to January are traditionally the coolest months with a 75F average and May to September are the warmest at about a 81F average.
In the years 2001 and 2002 the lowest minimum temperature at Jaguar Creek was 53F and the highest maximum temperature was 94F. Rainy season is June to November and the dry season is December to May, although it may rain any day here with a yearly average of about 90 inches. The greatest recorded rainfall in a 48 hour period for many years was June 19 and 20, 2002 when two successive tropical waves hit a very local area that included Jaguar Creek, dumping a total of 837.9 mm (32.98 inches) in that two days period and causing widespread flooding.

Access to 1418.3 hectares (574 acres) in adjacent Blue Hole National Park, access to 8401.4 hectares (3,400 acres) in the Eden Conservancy parcel, and 1729.7 hectares (700 acres) owned in the Jaguar Creek Reserve.

Topography Karst topography dominated by hills and valleys with sinkholes, disappearing streams and caves.

Bodies of Water The Blue Hole in BHNP is a collapsed cave with a stream running within it. This stream both emerges and sumps at the Blue Hole, briefly emerges again on Jaguar Creek property at the Boiling Hole and then surfaces to start Jaguar Creek, a year-round 300 meter disappearing stream. Another water filled sinkhole appears on the Jaguar Creek Reserve property as well as numerous ephemeral ponds in the wet season. We have limited access to the large, but seasonal Caves Branch River, which is a part of the Sibun River Watershed.

Dominant Plant Community Mixed primary and secondary tropical broadleaf lime-loving, deciduous forest. Depending on elevation, peaks and ridges contain plants adapted to dry conditions and also moist and foggy conditions. Riparian communities are associated with Blue Hole and Jaguar Creek.

Flora and Fauna Click here to see a current list of species, which will no doubt expand.

Research Activities

Ongoing inventory of flora and fauna. Research has been done on ethnobotany, bats, neo-tropical indicator species, leafcutter ants, Cohune palm nuts, geographic information systems, Bronzed Cowbirds, mushrooms and other fungus, and a bird database with over 3,000 entries from the area and over 2,000 from the rest of Belize, Central America and Mexico.

If you are doing bona fide scientific research and/or collecting you must contact us with your plans so we can advise you about how to obtain Scientific Permits required by the government . Expect to leave copies of all research and perhaps collections with Jaguar Creek and/or the Government of Belize.

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