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Target Earth
About Us  
In an age of global environmental demise, Christians are called to live with excellence. To be those people who chart their futures by what they can give to the next generation-not by what they can take from it. To be men and women whose lives are defined by the courage and compassion to make a difference on the earth.

Target Earth is a national movement of Christians who reflect this commitment to care. It's a movement of individuals, churches, college fellowships and Christian ministries motivated by the biblical call to be faithful stewards of everything God created-to love our neighbors as ourselves and to care for the earth.

Through the efforts of this movement's members, Target Earth is active in 15 countries -- buying up endangered lands, protecting people, saving the jaguar, sharing the love of Jesus, feeding the hungry, and reforesting ravaged terrain. We are a movement that is marked by a spirited desire to live a life of value. And a belief that Christians have a unique role in today's world that is so pressed by poverty, destruction and violence.

Target Earth International
Post Office Box 5
Colfax, WA 99111
Fax: (443)284-2399
Email: info@targetearth.org

It Takes Courage to Care

Our Mission

The mission of Target Earth is "Serving the Earth, Serving the Poor." We focus on those regions of the world that are most devastated by the mix of human suffering and the destruction of the earth where people live on a dollar a day or less. Our devotion to God, who created and sustains all the world through Christ, calls us to work for a sustainable future where love and justice prevail; where all creation reflects the glory and extravagant handiwork of God; where our service to the earth addresses every form of ecosystem degradation; and where our service to the poor provides tangible hope to the children of future generations and dignity and justice to the oppressed of today.

Our Vision

The vision of Target Earth is to involve as many people as possible in the service of the earth and the poor. Our primary emphasis takes people to the most devastated regions of the world, while ultimately, we look to serve the earth and the poor in every nation and community on the earth.
  • Service projects and internships provide people opportunities to directly address poverty and the destruction of the earth.
  • Conservation programs protect endangered ecosystems and their inhabitants.
  • Academic programs train people for intelligent, compassionate and effective service to the earth and the poor.
  • Research and Education Centers advance the critical understanding of how best to serve the earth and the poor in specific regions of the world.
  • Field Stations provide local staging areas for targeted research and service projects.
  • Community Centers serve as the new local "town halls" that bring together spirited, voluntary community action on behalf of the earth and the poor.
  • Strategic Alliances with other Environmental NGOs and Christian organizations help us to improve our service, research and education efforts on behalf of the earth and the poor.
  • Resource Tools build a greater awareness of the personal, cultural, spiritual and global issues affecting our motivation and ability to serve the earth and the poor.
  • Environmental Technology models sustainable living that provides justice for the poor and has minimal impact on the earth.
  • Outdoor Awareness Programs introduce people to the wonders of creation and the challenges of environmental degradation.
  • IN ALL ASPECTS OF OUR WORK, Target Earth will model devotion to God, concern for the lost, compassion for the poor, partnership with other organizations, respect for God's creation, passion for excellence in our labor, and a spirit of humility in our hearts.

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