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Things Everybody Ought To Know about LIfe at Jaguar Creek

We constantly strive to improve our program. Below is a collection of old and new policies and procedures designed to serve you and we think most of your questions will be answered by reading through this, but feel free to ask your group's leader your questions! If they can't answer the question then they are encouraged to send us an email or give us a call.

Field Trips and Service Projects

These are determined by your group's leader in conjunction with Jaguar Creek Staff. There are many possibilities for both field trips and service projects.


There are 10 possible cabins available for group use - availability depends on the season. The most common arrangement is two bunks (a queen is at the bottom of one of these bunks) and three more single beds comfortably sleeping a maximum total of 7 singles or just one couple. Jaguar Creek assigns housing to groups and we will most often sleep 4 persons to a cabin, but may need to use the extra beds to accommodate all who wish to come that week.

Meals and Kitchen Use

Our cooks are great and will be ready with great meals when you come.

In order to best serve you please let us know about any food allergies or dietary preferences ahead of time by stating those clearly on the Health Form you will be given by your leader. Your leader will put that on a Food Service Summary Form an that way the kitchen will be able to prepare for your special diet.

Your group will be given instructions on how to bus their own tables. Coffee is served at breakfast and should be available by 7:30 am.

As a matter of principle, we eat low on the food chain emphasizing healthy eating and plant-based proteins. Because of this we use meat sparingly and do not serve beef or pork at all. We will not be serving the standard American diet of meat and potatoes and will have lots of fruit, vegetables, pastas, rice and beans.

The kitchen facilities are for JC staff use only. and we ask that you keep all members of your group out of the kitchen area.

Computer and Library Use

The Global Stewardship Studies Program of TEI has computers here at Jaguar Creek and they can be used for a fee that varies depending on the use and time of year. None are connected to email services, but there is a printer available. Ask your group leader and they can look into it for you.

The library is available for your use. We ask that you be especially careful to treat the books well, since books are a precious resource here. It would be great if you could bring down a few books to donate to the library.


Because water use and solar energy conservation issues are linked at Jaguar Creek, we do not provide laundry service and discourage handwashing of clothes by groups at Jaguar Creek. We will let you know how to get clothes washed in Belmopan.

Emergency Phone, Fax and Email While At Jaguar Creek

(The following policy is under review since we may have two phone lines soon) With exceptions for emergencies, because Jaguar Creek only has one phone line, because it is normally quite busy, and because we have no good method of calculating the cost of calls: the phone, fax and email are not available for use by groups. If a participant has an emergency they should inform the group leader who will contact Jaguar Creek Staff. Please discourage people from contacting you while you are here at Jaguar Creek. Emergency phone messages, faxes or emails cost BZ$ 5.00 per page to receive, will be billed to the group, and will be posted on the kitchen door bulletin board as soon as possible after being received or the person will be found.

Lost and Found

Hopefully you will label all your clothes and belongings. If we find materials left behind without names, they will be donated to Belizeans after a month. We are unable to send materials back to the US without postage sent down here first.

Jaguar Creek T-Shirts

These shirts are 100% Belizean made. The shirt is made here in Belize and the silk-screening is done here in Belize so it makes a great souvenir of Belize and Jaguar Creek. Shirts are white, cotton, polo style, and come with a big logo on the front and a small logo on the top back. Shirts are US$ 13.00 or BZ$ 26.00.

Health and Safety

Jaguar Creek is a safe place and our staff are very interested in your health and safety. If a serious illness or injury occurs the group leader will call their emergency contact person and if a minor is involved the minor's parents ASAP. There is a hospital 20 minutes away and its possible to airlift people to larger more advanced hospitals in Merida, Mexico, Guatemala City, Miami and Houston. Diarrhea, minor scrapes and tummy aches will be treated here at Jaguar Creek by the group leader. Ask your doctor about any physical restrictions you may have and what vaccinations or malarial prophylaxis, if any, they suggest. All participants who are under 18 will administer their own prescription medications, unless parents have filled out forms designed to instruct group leaders in how to assist with medications or unless a parent will be here to assist. You must have health insurance and you are strongly advised to find out what is covered in the event of medical problems while here. Please take time to completely read the health forms found later in this packet.

A few safety rules: no food in cabins, use footwear while in the creek, no walking barefoot, no running on the boardwalk and no leaning back in chairs, no hitch-hiking or traveling in the back of pick up trucks. Food in cabins means critters, the creek has a very sharp bottom surface, walking barefoot can get you a healthy case of fungus or worse, the boardwalks are often slippery, the chairs will break if leaned back on too far, hitch-hiking and traveling in the back of a pick up truck is unsafe here as in North America. If you would like a rule "bent" for a good reason, please ask a Director. For your safety, we will not budge on what we consider safety or health issues.

Participants: Long Before You Go!

You should be having a meeting with your group before you come. Remember a trip to Jaguar Creek is a ministry and educational experience. Jaguar Creek is not a resort and not a vacation destination.

Check with you leader about tickets. They are usually bought all at once and for the exact same arrival and departure dates and times.

Make sure your passport is up to date (won't expire while you are here!) OR apply for one as soon as possible. It can take as long as 6 to 8 weeks. Copy it and give the copy to your leader.

Check with a physician or travel clinic about vaccinations for the trip and other appropriate health precautions. Completely fill out your Health and Liability Forms and hand them in to your leader. You should have health insurance that will cover you during this trip.


Please use these forms and even if your group has its own forms. Forms are all in Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows (v.9.0).

Adult Participant Forms

These three forms should be downloaded, printed out, filled out and given to your leader. Jaguar Creek will keep the first two forms in its records.

Under 18 Participant Forms

The first four forms should be downloaded, printed out, filled out and given to your leader. MAKE SURE YOU GET SIGNATURES! The Physician's Medication Form below is only necessary if the parent/guardian believes that the person under 18 is not capable of takingand administering their own medication without help. Jaguar Creek will keep all of these forms in its records.

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