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Target Earth
What's New and Upcoming
Posted 12/27/02
The Main Office and Classroom is being renovated and expanded and showers are being re-done through out the facility.

Posted 1/1/01
January brings Carroll College and the GSSP program at the end of the month.

Posted 1/30/03
Our GSSP student program has started up again. This time we have added Belizean students and that has proved to be valuable for them as well as our program.

Posted 2/6/03
Final acreage of the main parcel of the Eden Conservancy was determined to be 3400 acres. The plan is the remainder acres (500) will be annexed to the Jaguar Creek Reserve.

Posted 2/25/03
The Jacobson Group (4) constructed trail signs for our trails!

Posted 2/25/03
The Classroom and GSSP Office are done and look great! A second floor is coming as well as renovated offices for Jaguar Creek Staff.

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