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Target Earth
Mission & Service Groups
Through the Teams Program of Target Earth, many different types of groups, with participants of all ages, come to Jaguar Creek on mission and service trips to minister, serve and learn. If your group is primarily educational in nature and you are interested in Jaguar Creek then contact us directly. Target Earth Teams go to Jaguar Creek and many other places in the world. Click here to view the Target Earth International Teams Program Web Page.

If you decide to come to Jaguar Creek the information below will be helpful as well as the looking through other available information downloadable by clicking here.

As an extension of Jaguar Creek's ministry, your ministry will be welcomed as culturally and theologically relevant. Service project possibilities include: VBS, tree planting, church construction, and other projects and activities mentioned under the Outreach and Advocacy section of this brochure. Click here to see the Service Project possibilities.

Field trips are also offered to local points of interest and sites farther afield including Mayan ruins and island snorkeling trips. Click here to see the field trip possibilities and...

Why Come to Jaguar Creek?

Spiritual Emphasis

As a Christian ministry, we are in line with the desires of your ministry and we aren't into the barhopping eco- resort scene. We are not a hotel or a resort: our purpose is to reconcile people and the rest of creation to God by serving the earth and the poor. Because of our mission we require at least a half-day Service Project of all groups who use our facilities and stay for more than one night. It's a way of saying thanks to our Belizean neighbors and helping in the stewardship of God's creation. We'll work with you to determine which of many local projects could best serve the aims of your group. We have our own efforts in service to the earth and the poor, but the majority of our work is helping groups to come and learn and serve. We'll also assist you in providing a Biblical framework for your activities.

Program Planning Experience & Professional Staff

Jaguar Creek has 7 years of successfully producing excellent itineraries for college classes, service groups and church groups. If we plan your trip you needn't wonder where to go or what it is like, since it is likely we have been there and done that. Highly qualified staff is key to the success of any program at Jaguar Creek. The Belizean staff is friendly, scrupulously honest and quite responsible. The Co-Directors, who are from California, have previous college teaching experience and Christian camping experience.

Belize! Belize! Belize!

Belize is beautiful, friendly, close (2 hours from Houston), and English speaking with lots of cultural diversity. There is also great need here. Click here for more information about the country of Belize.

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