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Eden Conservancy

In 1993, the Eden Conservancy was established to counter the problems of deforestation and the ensuing human suffering. The idea was simple and visionary -- to buy up the world's endangered lands. There seemed no better way to protect God's good creation.

Working with local conservation groups, specific locations were selected for preservation. One such property is 8000 acres of rainforest in Belize (Jaguar Creek), Central America, that will help expand the Blue Hole National Park -- a region where jaguar, toucans and mahogany trees flourish. When protected with the help of the Belize Audubon Society, this area will serve as a reminder of the majesty and beauty of God's handiwork.


Christians are joining together to save the world's rainforests in Jesus' name. It is God's creation, and God has given us the responsibility to be good caretakers.

Psalm 24:1 says,
"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it,
the world, and all who live in it..."

Each day thousands of acres of rainforest are destroyed. The flora is cut and burned, the top soil suffers massive erosion, water supplies are polluted or destroyed, and the wildlife is driven into shrinking areas of refuge. The losses are staggering; by one estimate, an area the size of the State of Washington is destroyed each year. Even cautious estimates show that at least two species of God's creation go extinct every day. Potential life-saving medicines are lost forever, natural resources are destroyed for short-term gain, and the creation that is called to worship God is silenced (Psalm 148).

The human toll is shocking. Drought and famine regularly follow environmental abuses. And children are the ones who suffer the most in this global scourge. Every hour of the day, more than one thousand children under the age of five die from polluted water. To care for God's creation is to care for God's children.

Romans 8:21,22 states that creation groans in pain because of bondage to sin. There may be no more tangible evidence of this suffering than the deforestation of God's creation in the rainforest. As followers of Christ, we need to find ways to stop this assault on God's handiwork.

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